Our first LNG project is Driftwood LNG, a 26 mtpa LNG export facility located on approximately 1,000 acres on the west bank of the Calcasieu River near Carlyss, Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana. The facility will consist of:

  • Five LNG plants, each made up of one natural gas pre-treatment unit and four liquefaction units with nominal capacity of 1.3 mtpa each (5.2 mtpa / plant)
  • Three 235,000 m3 full containment LNG storage tanks
  • Three marine loading berths designed to accommodate LNG ships up to 216,000 m3
  • Liquefaction technology is Chart Industries’ proprietary Integrated Pre-cooled Single Mixed Refrigerant (IPSMR®) process
  • Refrigeration compressors driven by GE aero derivative natural gas turbines

Driftwood LNG site illustration

Our approach to projects and keeping costs in check is simple. We hire experienced people who have proven results. We research what land is best suited for the project and make our selection driven by marine, regulatory, infrastructure and gas supply considerations. We align with world class providers like Bechtel, Chart and GE, to develop an efficient and simple design with built-in redundancy and multiple production units, and proven components. This approach minimizes complexity to reduce cost, while enhancing production reliability and allowing us to quickly scale up low-cost liquefaction when the market demands.

The entire Driftwood LNG FERC docket can be accessed on FERC’s website through the online eLibrary by searching for Docket No. PF 16-6*.