CHAT with TELL | Two minutes with Charif Souki on market behavior and executing Tellurian’s business plan

Tellurian is poised to execute on their business plan, including a plan to increase their upstream footprint. On a global basis, there may be a supply short over the next decade. Renewables are only approx. 5% of the energy mix, unlikely to make a significant impact quickly. The market will continue to need additional energy supply. The role of natural gas, which is by far the least polluting hydrocarbon, will take on a critical role to supply this global increase in energy demand in the future.

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Guest: Charif Souki | Chairman, Tellurian Inc.
Production: Allison Clark | Manager, Marketing

Business Description

#Tellurian intends to create value for shareholders by building a low-cost, global natural gas business, profitably delivering natural gas to customers worldwide. Tellurian is developing a portfolio of natural gas production and has nearly 100 drillable locations with an estimated one trillion cubic feet of net resource. It is also developing an LNG trading operation and infrastructure that includes an ~ 27.6 mtpa #LNG export facility and an associated pipeline. Tellurian is based in Houston, Texas, and its common stock is listed on the #Nasdaq Capital Market under the symbol “TELL”.


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