Tellurian’s integrated strategy enables the company to measure and control emissions across the value chain, thereby reducing CO2e emissions below U.S. national averages.

National Forest Foundation

Tellurian’s $25 million investment is the largest contribution in NFF history

In 2021, Tellurian announced a partnership with the National Forest Foundation for a five-year, $25 million plan for reforestation and other projects across the United States. One of the first projects will be in Kisatchie National Forest, replanting 800,000 trees damaged by recent hurricanes in Louisiana. 

National Forest Foundation

“Tellurian is beginning a long-term investment in reforestation, starting in our own backyard, as new trees help provide nature-based carbon sequestration, cleaner air and environmental resiliency. The NFF, in collaboration with the U.S. Forest Service, has identified multiple projects across the country that we will support in the coming years. We recognize that natural climate solutions are effective and critically needed today, and that the NFF offers a powerful suite of strategies in this regard.”

– Chairman Charif Souki

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We believe natural gas is the most versatile, reliable and available fuel that reduces chronic air pollution when used in place of coal for power production (especially in developing countries) and it:

  • Reduces lifecycle carbon emissions by approximately one-half when replacing coal to generate electricity.
  • Lowers the carbon footprint of transportation (trucks and ships) by 25% compared to other fuels.
  • Virtually eliminates pollutants like sulfur oxides, soot and particulates that cause air pollution and damage human health.
  • Complements renewables until they are more economic, reliable, available and where the energy generated can be stored by responsibly developed batteries.

LNG itself is odorless, non-toxic and non-corrosive. It is the same clean natural gas we use in our homes and industries. It has simply been converted to liquid form by cooling it to -162°C/-260°F. This condenses the gas, which then takes up 600 times less space, making it much more efficient to store and transport over long distances. After transporting by ship and delivering LNG to buyers around the world, it is converted back into a gas state for use as a clean, environmentally preferred choice of fuel.

Tellurian is building new infrastructure that improves energy efficiency and apply leading environmental practices to our business, such as:

  • Our proposed liquefaction facility, Driftwood LNG, is designed and will be operated to be a near-zero hydrocarbon or methane emission facility.
  • Our proposed pipelines will use the latest equipment, technology and monitoring systems, which have been engineered with emission reductions in mind.
  • Our upstream business uses “green completions”, also known as Reduced Emissions Completions (RECs). In this process, we capture substantially all the produced gas during well completions – significantly reducing methane emissions.