Safety is integral to our business and inherent within our core values at Tellurian. Fundamentally we are committed to operating in a manner that promotes a safe work environment for our employees, contractors and communities.

We achieve this by identifying and implementing safety, operational and monitoring standards that minimize risk and meet regulatory requirements.

Our commitment to safety is an essential element of our license to operate. As we progress the design, construction and operation of our planned Driftwood LNG facility; develop our pipeline network; and produce and transmit natural gas, risk mitigation is an integral part of our decision making process.

In addition, WE CARE, and we expect our workforce to have an I CARE attitude. To support that expectation, we have identified corporate safety standards, stop work authority and the Tellurian 8, a set of mitigating behaviors that help us manage our risk and set clear expectations for our workforce. Our monthly safety campaigns ensure we reinforce key messages.

We also have an Emergency Response Plan and conduct regular training and drills to ensure we are prepared in the event of a crisis or other emergency.


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