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Posted on March 23, 2020
PRESS RELEASE | Tellurian extends maturity of 2019 Term Loan to November 2021

Tellurian Inc. (Tellurian) (NASDAQ: TELL) announced today it has entered into an agreement to amend the terms of its 2019 Term Loan, including an 18-month extension of the maturity date to November 23, 2021.

President and CEO Meg Gentle said, “As announced in early March, we are making necessary changes amid challenging global conditions. We have restructured the organization and entered into an agreement to extend our Term Loan maturity to late 2021, which swiftly completes the second critical step toward resiliency in the current market. We are working remotely with potential equity partners for the Driftwood project and implementing measures to keep our team safe and productive to regain commercial momentum when the effects of COVID-19 subside.”

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Posted on March 9, 2020
PRESS RELEASE | Tellurian President and CEO Meg Gentle announces new executive leadership team members

Tellurian Inc. (Tellurian) (NASDAQ: TELL) President and Chief Executive Officer Meg Gentle today announced two new executive leadership team members.

Kian Granmayeh, formerly Director of Investor Relations, is now Tellurian’s Chief Financial Officer, responsible for financial strategy and liquidity, replacing Antoine Lafargue who will join the marketing group as Senior Vice President of LNG Marketing to advance commercialization of the Driftwood project. Before joining Tellurian in January 2019, Mr. Granmayeh worked at Apache Corporation for four years in various roles in Project Execution, Strategic Planning and Investor Relations. Previous to that, he was a Vice President at Lazard Freres & Co.

Amos Hochstein, formerly Senior Vice President of LNG Marketing, is now Tellurian’s Executive Vice President of LNG Marketing, leading the marketing of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and partnership interests from Driftwood LNG. Before joining Tellurian in 2017, he served as the U.S. Special Envoy for International Energy Affairs and led the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Energy Resources, where he oversaw global energy foreign policy engagement and advised the U.S. Secretary of State and the Vice President on global energy markets.

Keith Teague as EVP and Chief Operating Officer, Daniel Belhumeur as EVP and General Counsel, Tarek Souki as EVP and President of Tellurian Trading UK, and John Howie as EVP of Upstream and President of Tellurian Production Company, will each continue as members of the executive leadership team.

President and CEO Meg Gentle said, “We are reducing our costs and reorganizing the company to make Tellurian resilient in the face of current challenges in financial and energy markets. We are redirecting resources to complete the marketing of the Driftwood LNG project, which is fully permitted and ready to begin construction. Amos’s experience in LNG markets and expertise in negotiations brings together key elements to complete our Driftwood partnership. With a broad background across the finance organization, Kian will be focused on capital discipline and refinancing our existing obligations to extend our liquidity.”

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Posted on March 2, 2020
PRESS RELEASE | Tellurian announces plan for operating discipline amid market uncertainty

Tellurian Inc. (Tellurian) (NASDAQ: TELL) announced today it intends to reduce corporate spending and reorganize financing for its 2019 term loan as it prepares for uncertain market conditions.

President and CEO Meg Gentle said, “Given current global financial market conditions and increasing restrictions on travel caused by the onset of Coronavirus, we are taking the steps necessary to focus on preserving the value we have created at Tellurian and Driftwood LNG. To this end we will reduce our corporate overhead to approximately $6 million per month and have initiated discussions with our lender to extend the maturity of our 2019 term loan due in May 2020.”

The fundamental business opportunity of Tellurian continues to rely on low-cost U.S. natural gas and a premier location on the Gulf Coast that can be built by Bechtel for $560 / tonne, making it possible for Tellurian to load liquefied natural gas (LNG) on the water for $3 – 4 / mmBtu.

Gentle added, “We have just returned from a visit to India where we continued discussions with Petronet and agreed to extend our MOU to May 31, 2020. We continue to see very strong growth in LNG demand from Asia in general, and India in particular, in spite of world conditions. We are highly confident that when travel restrictions are eased, we will be able to finalize several negotiations to complement the Petronet agreement and allow us to reach final investment decision (FID). With the new corporate overhead structure, we have a long runway to execute on our business model.”

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Posted on February 27, 2020
PRESS RELEASE | Tellurian and Petronet extend MOU timing for up to 5 million tonnes of LNG and equity investment in Driftwood

Tellurian Inc. (Tellurian) (NASDAQ: TELL) announced today it has extended its Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Petronet LNG Limited (Petronet) pursuant to which Petronet and its affiliates intend to negotiate the purchase of up to five million tonnes per annum (5 mtpa) of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the Driftwood project, concurrent with an equity investment in Driftwood Holdings. The MOU signed in September 2019 previously contemplated that transaction agreements would be finalized by March 31, 2020. The timing has been extended to May 31, 2020 to support Petronet’s consultative review process.

President and CEO Meg Gentle said “Tellurian was in India this week meeting with Petronet and affiliates to progress negotiations, and we are very supportive of Petronet’s process to ensure their robust project review. With India’s LNG demand increasing 27% year over year, and the H.E. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s plans for $60 billion of investments in natural gas infrastructure, India is perfectly poised to benefit from strategic project agreements such as Petronet’s equity investment in Driftwood.”

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Posted on February 24, 2020
PRESS RELEASE | Tellurian Reports 2019 Results

Tellurian Inc. (Tellurian) (NASDAQ: TELL) continued to build its integrated global natural gas business and concluded 2019 with momentum on commercialization and development of its first project, Driftwood LNG.

President and CEO Meg Gentle said, “In 2019, Tellurian secured equity partners for the Driftwood project, advanced engineering and site testing, and finalized critical permits, making Driftwood LNG shovel ready for 2020. We plan to complete our financing in the coming months and begin construction on the largest privately funded energy infrastructure project in the United States.”

Built commercial momentum

  • Established the partnership terms for the Driftwood project by executing final documents with Total Delaware, Inc. (Total) and subsidiaries for a $500 million equity investment in Driftwood Holdings LP, a related purchase of one million tonnes of liquefied natural gas (LNG), and a purchase of an additional 1.5 mtpa of LNG from Tellurian’s LNG offtake volumes from Driftwood. Total also agreed to purchase approximately $200 million of Tellurian common stock, bringing its aggregate investment in the Tellurian portfolio to approximately $907 million upon a final investment decision for Driftwood.
  • Advanced the commercialization of Driftwood LNG through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Petronet LNG Limited INDIA (Petronet) for Petronet and its affiliates to make an equity investment in Driftwood Holdings LP and to purchase up to 5 mtpa of LNG from Driftwood LNG.

Advanced Driftwood project development

  • Received the United States Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) order granting authorization for the Driftwood terminal and Driftwood pipeline, and the United States Department of Energy order granting export authorization to non-free trade agreement countries, concluding the most significant permits required for construction and operation.
  • Continued to progress engineering on the Driftwood terminal, completing 28% of engineering with approximately $150 million invested to date.
  • Received FERC approval for Driftwood terminal implementation plans; the Driftwood terminal is in Louisiana and located on approximately 1,000 acres with ample laydown area for equipment and deep-water access for shipping.
  • Began the FERC pre-filing process for the Permian Global Access Pipeline (PGAP) , a 625-mile, 42-inch interstate natural gas pipeline proposed from the Waha Hub in West Texas to near Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Operating activities
Drilled three new operated wells and increased average net production to approximately 38.1 million cubic feet per day. Tellurian holdings include 10,260 net acres, interests in 67 producing wells and estimated proven reserves of approximately 269 billion cubic feet equivalent of natural gas.

Financial results
Tellurian ended its 2019 fiscal year with approximately $64.6 million of cash and cash equivalents and approximately $136.6 million in debt. Tellurian has a strong balance sheet consisting of approximately $382.3 million in assets. Tellurian reported a net loss of approximately $151.8 million, or $0.69 per share (basic and diluted), for the year ended December 31, 2019.

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Posted on January 30, 2020
PRESS RELEASE | Lawsuit Against Tellurian Dismissed

Tellurian Inc. (Tellurian) (NASDAQ: TELL) announced today that Cheniere Energy has permanently dismissed all claims against Tellurian, Chairman Charif Souki and Vice Chairman Martin Houston (61st District Court of Harris County, Texas, Cause No. 2017-49685).

Tellurian Chairman Charif Souki said, “Although this frivolous lawsuit was clearly an attempt to disrupt the hard work and success we are having at Tellurian, it never distracted us from our focus on building Tellurian’s global natural gas business, beginning with Driftwood LNG.” …

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Posted on January 6, 2020
New corporate presentation for Tellurian Inc. (NASDAQ: TELL)

A new corporate presentation is available for Tellurian Inc. (NASDAQ: TELL). The presentation will include forward-looking information.

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Posted on December 3, 2019
New! CHAT with TELL | NG helping EU in reaching #GHG reduction targets

Listen in with Thierry Bros, VP, Research, LNG Marketing as he discusses the role natural gas has in helping the #EuropeanUnion reach their future targets for GHG reductions.

Posted on December 3, 2019
CNBC | Chairman Charif Souki speaks with Dan Murphy at ADIPEC

Watch our Chairman talk to CNBC from Abu Dhabi. Topics including Tellurian progress, US politics, Climate, Post FID plans at #ADIPEC.

Posted on November 6, 2019
PRESS RELEASE | Tellurian reports third quarter 2019 results

Tellurian Inc. (Tellurian) (NASDAQ: TELL) continues to build its integrated global natural gas business. Notable Tellurian achievements during the third quarter of 2019 and thereafter:


  • Announced a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Petronet LNG Limited INDIA (Petronet) for Petronet and its affiliates to purchase of up to five million tonnes per annum (mtpa) of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Driftwood, concurrent with an equity investment by Petronet in Driftwood. The agreement, exchanged in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and recognized by the governments of India and the United States, remains subject to further due diligence and approval of Petronet’s board of directors, and Tellurian and Petronet will endeavor to finalize the transaction agreements by March 31, 2020.
  • Continue to advance negotiations for the sale of LNG and interests in Driftwood with several counterparties.

Driftwood LNG

  • Progressed the engineering for the Driftwood liquefaction terminal, completing 26% of the total required.


  • Began the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) pre-filing process for the Permian Global Access Pipeline, a 625-mile, 42-inch interstate natural gas pipeline proposed from the Waha Hub in West Texas to near Lake Charles, Louisiana.


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