Tellurian to connect areas of valuable natural gas resource to growing demand through the development of the Tellurian Pipeline network, over 1,000 miles of proposed pipe. It consists of four proposed pipelines:

Driftwood LNG




Capacity (Bcf/d) – 4.0
Cost ($ billions) – $2.3
Length (miles) – 96
Diameter (inches) – 48
Compression (HP) – 274,000
Status – FERC approval complete



Haynesville Global Access Pipeline(1)

Capacity (Bcf/d) – 2.0
Cost ($ billions) – $1.4
Length (miles) – 200
Diameter (inches) – 42
Compression (HP) – 23,000
Status – Binding Open Season complete



Permian Global Access Pipeline(1)

Capacity (Bcf/d) – 2.0
Cost ($ billions) – $4.2
Length (miles) – 625
Diameter (inches) – 42
Compression (HP) – 258,000
Status – Submitted pre-filing review with FERC



Delhi Connector Pipeline

Capacity (Bcf/d) – 2.0
Cost ($ billions) – $1.4
Length (miles) – 180
Diameter (inches) – 42
Compression (HP) – 72,000
Status – Binding Open Season complete

Pipeline network
1 Included in Driftwood Holding at full development
Joey Mahmoud

Joey Mahmoud

President Tellurian Pipelines, SVP Pipeline Development

Joey joined Tellurian in 2017 as President of its pipeline companies. In this role, his primary responsibilities are to lead the development, execution and operation of the Tellurian and Driftwood pipeline assets to ensure the safe, efficient and reliable delivery of natural gas from the various production basins to the Gulf coast, which include the Driftwood LNG facility. Prior to Tellurian, he spent the previous 10 years at Energy Transfer serving as Executive Vice President of Engineering and Construction and an additional six years as Vice President of Regulatory and Environmental Affairs at Cheniere Energy. Over his 25 year career in the energy business, it has been focused on delivering energy infrastructure across the United States. Projects have included investments from small to mega infrastructure projects routinely greater than $500MM and upwards of $12B for both multi-state regulated and non-regulated pipeline developments as well as fixed facility developments for NGL, LPG and LNG import and export projects, gas processing plants and fractionation facilities. Joey has a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University in Ecology and Sciences.