CHAT with TELL | #Strategically planning the next wave – Part 1

Production, logistics, marketing and midstream – what do these have in common? Perhaps the research of a ‘#well’ oiled machine. Meet our strategy and research team – and hear their Market Commentary live!

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Host: Amit Marwaha
Guests: Adrian Reed, Renee Pirrong, Kevin Greene, Roger Ayton, Kirk Shepherd, Justin Rencurel
Production: Miracle Films
Art direction: Allison Clark

Program outline – Part 1


How long can the flaring and excess supply of gas continue to outstrip midstream capacity? Will producers need to commit to building new infrastructure?

How to think about build out of crude, gas, NGL pipelines?

Where is the inflection point in basis within the Permian basin. When does the infrastructure begin building out?

When do you see the next wave of gas pipelines coming? How will that impact the LNG build out in the gulf coast?

How is the aging of wells and decline rates being factored into forward gas production estimates (particularly the Permian)?

What are implication for basis and gas price as Alpine High volumes ramp?

… to be continued.

Business Description

#Tellurian was founded by #CharifSouki and #MartinHouston and is led by #President and #CEO #MegGentle. Tellurian intends to create value for shareholders by building a #low-cost, global natural gas business, profitably delivering natural gas to customers worldwide. Tellurian is developing a portfolio of natural gas production, LNG trading, and infrastructure that includes an ~ 27.6 mtpa LNG export facility and an associated pipeline. Tellurian is based in Houston, Texas, and its common stock is listed on the #Nasdaq Capital Market under the symbol “TELL”.

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